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Kristi was venturing FREE PORN off yet again on another business trip out of the country. There was nothing unusual about this trip. It was just another visit to her buyer to discuss some upcoming sales. However, Kristi was extremely anxious to return home to see her kids, and especially her husband, Joe.
Before leaving the house FREE PORN for the airport, Joe had pulled Kristi aside and giving her one of the most sensuous hugs and passionate kisses that she could remember, he had whispered into her ear something that made her heart race. "Come home quickly – I’ve got a special surprise waiting for you!" Kristi heard that before and knew it could only mean one thing. He had something special planned for the bedroom upon her return home.

What could it be FREE PORN ? Even during her presentations with the client, Kristi’s mind was five hundred miles away, back in her bedroom with her husband. What could he be planning? He’s done this before. One time, she returned home to find that her children were already in bed and he had filled the bed with some of the balloons that he kept in his drawer. He was waiting in bed with the balloons that he had blown to the max, and was eager to play with both the balloons and Kristi at the same time.

Maybe he was planning FREE PORN another role playing adventure. These were definitely fun times for both of them, and Kristi could only wonder what he had in mind this time. The last time Kristi went away, Joe had planned on playing "bad cop" when she returned. With handcuffs and a little whip, Joe had made sure that Kristi knew how much he had missed her during her trip.

Whatever Joe had in mind, Kristi knew it was going to be fun and she FREE PORN quickly ended her presentations and raced back to the airport. Unfortunately her plane was delayed and she ended up arriving back in her home city about three hours late. Heading home, she had a feeling that her husband may have already gone to bed as the hour was extremely late.

Pulling into the FREE PORN driveway, her suspicions were right, as the porch light was on – but all the lights in the house were turned off. Se didn’t blame him. It was the middle of the night and he did work a full time job and take care of two rambunctious children. She quietly entered the house, put her luggage on the hallway floor, locked up the doors, and headed up to their bedroom. FREE PORN